Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Book Review: Gardener's nightcap

Gardener's nightcap by Muriel Stuart. London : Persephone Books, 2006.

‘There is an hour just before dark, when the garden resents interference. Its work, no less than the gardener’s, is done.’

As the title suggests this would make perfect bedtime reading for any gardener. It’s a collection of observations planting hints and even the occasional recipe brought together as a sort of commonplace book. What sets it apart from many similar books is the quality of the writing; that the author was a poet is clearly evident. Additionally, unlike modern compilations, generally produced by indifferent researchers, Muriel Stuart’s obvious love of gardening shines through as does some very decided opinions.
Superbly presented by Persephone, with their usual care and attention of design, it is a delight to read.
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