Thursday, September 25, 2008

SCA Meeting - Edinburgh

Not (unfortunately) the Society for Creative Anachronism, but the Strategic Content Alliance, which is only interested in library & information world domination, despite the scary name.

Not the most relevant of days for us but as always I found a couple of intersting sessions.

E-books observatory is always of interest - they are colecting so much data that every presentation/discussion brings up fresh perspective. Today's examples: students spend almost half their time in an ebook looking at the cover. Can you judge an ebook by its cover? They very rarrely use inay of the platform features or interactivity. This may be a chicken and egg scario - they are unfamiliar with these so don't use them, and increased usage may make them more comfortable with using them.
The BBC MemoryShare & CenturyShare sites are interesting concepts - for example we have archived audiocassettes of memories of people working in the printing industry (many libraries must have similar), something like this which puts them on a timeline and in context could bring out the content much more effectively.
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