Sunday, August 17, 2008

JISC/CNI 08: Learning Objects and Instructional Materials

JORUM New Directions: Peter Burnhill/Jackie Carter, JORUMUK

Reason to have content outside the VLE because of the proprietary nature and variety of platforms

Originally designed to be used within an institutional setting as part of a course, now we have more open learning, how might that affect usage?

2 services: Keep-safe mandate & JORUM R&D

23% HEI, project12% FEI contributors 2200 resources
80% HEI, 60% HEU users, 5000+ users, 9600+ downloads


JORUM predates emergence of open access; now being repurposed for ‘open sharing’ and showcase for UK commitment to Open Education Resources.

Future plans to shift out of the realm of education technologists, to make more accessible. Question as to whether we should focus on academics or students?

Developing new licensing regimes

Jorum EducationUK

Merlot – project which rather than collect objects, collects pointers to objects (US)

FF - To realise potential must go direct to learner – can they also be contributors?

Measurement of re-use & repurposing of resources.
Looking at getting more community engagement; currently reliant on feedback
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